Rottingdean, a Sussex village within the City of Brighton and Hove, developed as a small community around the pond in Saxon times and its name means 'the village of Rota's people'. The domesday book records that the land was given to William de Warrenne the Lord of Lewes as a reward for his support at the Battle of Hastings. For centuries it remained an isolated rural farming settlement and only became accessible as the coastal road from Brighton improved.

Rottingdean ChurchRottingdean Village pond
Towards the end of the 19th century it offered seclusion and inspiration for many artists, writers and public figures, factors which influence both residents and visitors to this day.The main attractions in the town are Kipling's Garden, Rottingdean Windmill, St. Margaret's Church with its beautiful stained glass windows and some traditional old inns which were once frequented by smugglers in the area.

Thanks to Chris Hall for the lovely photo of the Village Pond.

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The Rottingdean Village Website header is a collage of images from paintings by Mick Bensley.

Mick, who was was born at Sheringham, on the North Norfolk coast , now lives and works overlooking the sea in Rottingdean on the Sussex coast. He divides his time between painting and teaching.

You can learn more about Mick and his work at
This website has been created to help promote the village of Rottingdean and its local attractions.
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In Memoriam

Mike Jerrome Artist Musician RottingdeanIn memory of Mike Jerrome who passed away on the 6th of September 2011

In Memoriam

Marcus HarmanIn memory of Marcus Harman, August 1961 to January 2012. Rest in Peace

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