Support for the St Aubyn’s Planning Brief

The Rottingdean Parish Council have published a request asking all Villagers to support the St Aubyn’s Planning Brief.


“St Aubyns Planning Brief – Please show your support!
The finalised Brief will be presented at the Economic Development and Culture Committee at Hove Town Hall on Thursday 15 January. The meeting starts at 4pm.
The Brief which was requested by Rottingdean Parish Council in response to residents’ concerns when St Aubyns School closed in summer 2013, is intended to act as Planning Guidance for any planning applications from developers. It highlights the importance of this site and its heritage assets, lying at the heart of our historic village. This includes the Georgian frontage on the High St. It seeks to protect the Twitten and to encourage retention of the playing field for recreational and public use.
We need your support for this important document next Thursday – please attend the meeting if at all possible or contact members of the Economic and Culture Committee ahead of the meeting to ask them to vote for the Brief to be adopted.”

Please look on the noticeboard of the Rottingdean Parish Council which can be found at:


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