SSD VPS server hosting services

SSD VPS server hosting services

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In fact, SSDs have a completely different construction than HDDs. There are no spinning or moving mechanical parts, like disks and read/write heads, in solid state drives, which means that they are not prone to get physical tear or wear and, therefore, have a pretty much longer lifespan. Besides, while consuming less power, SSDs are substantially cooler and more energy efficient than electromechanical drives that will allow you to avoid any heat-related issues with your server.

In such a way, SSD VPS by Softsys Hosting comes as the most deliberate choice for high-performance websites and web projects featuring immense read-intensive and high concurrent access databases, frequently accessed tables, transaction logs, gaming applications, audio/video streaming, high-availability web applications, etc. SoftsysHosting is here to offer you one of the best dedicated servers with SSD drives at the most competitive prices on the market.




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